Masters Snooker, Fujifilm XE1 and Pentax manual lenses

Today's blog is pretty much as it says on the tin.


I took the Missus to  Alexander Palace for the Masters Snooker on Friday.  Her Birthday is days before Christmas so it was effectively a Christmas/Birthday present.


The Fujiflm XE1 is not renown for sports photography as it lacks phase detection autofocus and therefore cannot track subject.  But snooker is hardly a fast sports so that shouldn't matter.  I don't however own a native long lens for the XE1 so I wacked on the Fotodiox Pentax adapter and my 135mm Pentax manual lens.

Arriving at Alexander Palace it was a horrible wet day so we parked up and walked the hill.  It is a wonderful venue far different from the modern buildings you tend to find.  It sits on a hill overlooking central London.

Into the venue the organisers World Snooker had set up a table in the  entrance hall offering visitors the chance to show their skills (or lack of skill)  on a match table.

Later the BBC recorded their VT intros at the table and we got the opportunity to see the legend that is  Stephen Hendry . Manual focus on the XE1 is pretty simple and good fun.  More importantly they are fantastic value for money.

We then settled down in the venue to watch the legend, the truly amazing Ronnie O'Sullivan demolish Ricky Walden who really didn't put a foot wrong he just couldn't get on the table.

We then had a nice walk around the grounds and then some lunch.  While eating a gentleman approached us asking for the menu, it was none other than the great Steve Davis.  We then settled in for match two, a quick photo of the arena and then snooker time.  Probably could have and should have taken more photos but was enjoying the snooker too much. 

Ally Pally is a wonderful venue and if you get the chance do go there.