Computers, butterflies and cacti. Or are they cactus's?

I haven't blogged for a while despite wanting to keep it frequent and not give it up.  Part of the reason was my laptop died.  It would no longer power up something wrong internally I gather.  So it will have to go Ebay to a new home.

Like most of us I own a smart phone and I also have access to a tablet.  They are both fantastic devices but when you are left to using solely mobile devices their limitations quickly become apparent. 

So for four weeks or so I have been without a computer and whilst my relatively new Fuji XE1 has a fantastic internal RAW converter creating brilliant JPEG files I had no way of getting them off the camera without a computer, AARRRGGHHHH!!!!

But I am now back online with a proper computer thanks to my beautiful and generous partner.  I grew up learning Windows from 95 through to 7.  For seven years I have also been using Ubuntu and a few other Linux variants but now I have joined the cult of Mac.  I would have loved another laptop but with a 3 year old running around I think desktop is a better choice, plus I had a great monitor sitting around doing nothing.  So a mac mini is now sitting in front of me.  And with all the photos taken off the memory card it was time to take some more so why not use it while taking my Son Alex to RHS Wisley  to look at their butterfly exhibition.  It is only on for a limited period, apparently butterflies have a brief existence in this world.

I have never been to WIsley before and frankly it is not somewhere I would have thought about going to.  But Alex seemed very excited as we wandered around the grounds.  It is a very pleasant place and surprisingly we managed to get an afternoon in the UK this year where it did not rain!

As we got to the rear of the site we found the glass house that housed the butterflies.

Inside the glass house it was hot and humid and filled with people most of who had a camera in hand, I guess I was not the only one!

The butterflies where everywhere and massive.  Some where quite obvious, particularly where the fruit was but if you stopped and looked around you could find a few camouflaged away.

Beautiful creatures full of colour.

After a wander around it was time to think about going home.  We walked back through the gardens of cactus in the glass house and flowers in the outdoors.   Flowers and plants are often an opportunity for me to take some more abstract images.  The cactus was looking a bit sorry for itself but a little adjusting in Adobe Lightroom reveals a lovely image perfect for the new computer desktop

So is the plural of cactus cacti?  I have no idea.

If you live nearby get yourself down to RHS Wisley as the butterfly exhibit ends this Sunday (9th March 2014).  Especially if you have small children, they will love it!